इन्सान के रूप मे देवता या…

Happened to watch parts of ‘Kabhie Kabhie’ and ‘Veer-Zara’ yesterday, courtesy recent sign up to the NetFlix. It was interesting to see same/similar dialogue in both the movies.

Vijay Khanna (Shashi Kapoor) has just found out that the ‘Kabhie Kabhie’, the book of shayari presented by Amit was in fact inspired by none other than his wife Pooja. He knows now that Amit and Pooja were in love once upon a time. He is hurt and the extrovert that he is, talks straight from the heart. Within no time he says ‘लालत है तुम पर विजय खन्ना तुम तो बडे छोटे आद्मी निकले’ He is not going to blame his wife of 20 years, who has showered her love on him, borne his child and made hi home. He is even magnanimous enough to say ‘हमारे बीवि हैही इतने हसीन के उस पे प्यार हो जाये.’ A visibly moved Pooja (Rakhi) is crying when they get home. She says to Vijay, ‘क्या तुम इन्सान के रूप मे देवता हो या देवता के रूप में इन्सान?’

In veer-zara it is the lawyer Saamiya Siddiqui uttering the line, ‘ये किस जमाने के लोग है। क्या ये खुदा के रूप मे इन्सान है या इन्सान के रूप में खुदा?’ This she is saying about Veer who spends 22 years in a jail in Pakistan so that Zaara’s world is not rocked by him and Zaara has spent the same 22 years living in Veer’s house in India to fulfill his dream. They don’t know what they are doing for each other! Zaara things Veer is dead and she’s doing all she can to keep his dream alive. He’s spending his time behind bars in Zaara’s country and Zaara is keeping Veer’s dream alive in his country.

I had seen Veer-Zaara before and didn’t like it much then. But somehow it touched more this time around, even though I only watched the later half of it. Hearing the identical dialogue in both movies made me wonder if that was some kind of a theme Yash Chopra had in building his characters. He sure was way ahead of his time in the kind of stories he gave to the Hindi cinema. His earlier movies though had much bolder theme than the newer ones. However the human element, conflicts and the way characters deal with conflicts is very well captured in all his movies and that probably was his strength.

Found this interesting interview of Yash Chopra on Kabhie Kabhie by Karan Johar. Yet to listen to it..