Inspired by a Movie?

I was at the local library’s dvd section yesterday, looking for a good movie to watch. Wanted something new, engaging and inspirational. Didn’t want anything negative or dark, didn’t even want any heist movies. Have watched a bunch of those before and liked them too, but I didn’t feel like picking any of those. Mind was still racing, trying to define the type of movie I wanted to watch. Positive, uplifting, engaging, celebrating the human spirt and endeavor were the key words running through my mind. Then suddenly I said, “I want to watch a movie that is opposite of Omkara.” Funny it seems but that made sense. I wanted the same sort of engaging, tight, no nonsense movie but not exploring the darker side of the mind with a very very disturbing and tragic ending.

Wanted to pick up a relatively new movie, something that I haven’t seen before. However I have been so out of touch with recent movies that I don’t know any recent movie by name (except of George Clooney’s Up in the Air which is probably a year old. I saw it recently and loved it). So giving up on the ‘new’ tag, started looking for something I had seen before. Thought of some old classics like “The Bridge on the River Kwai”, “Ben Hur”,  and gave them a pass. Finally picked up “Glory Road” and “Pursuit of Happyness”.

Watched “Glory Road” today. What a wonderful movie! Third time around, still held my attention throughout, gave me lump in the throat a couple of times and made me rewind one more time for that last basket. This true story of the all blacks vs all whites NCAA finals of 1966 rocks! Here is that last basket form youtube.

In “Chak De India”, coach Kabir Khan gives an inspirational “sattar minute” speech to the team. That scene was great. I did seem a bit long and dramatic though. While watching it, it had also reminded me of a similar speech from this movie. This one not done in the change room, but on the field during a timeout. Here it is below, watch at the 2 min 57 sec mark.

Every time I re-watch a movie, something different touches me.  The last time I watched it, I had written this about the movie, don’t know if something new occurs to me this time around.

Was struck by two things this time around. One was the elevator scene where Chris Gardner’s (Will Smith) facial expression doesn’t change one bit even after he learns that a fellow intern didn’t answer the essay question in the test. His back is to the wall and he has given his all to this one shot at better future, there is going to be only one winner out of the 20 interns, under such situation he learns at least one other guy didn’t do well. But there is no smile, no extra hope, no elation. The new knowledge doesn’t change any thing in the stampede of emotions reflecting on the face.

While he is spending the nights at shelters with his son, it suddenly occurred to me that I know the ending of this story but at that point in his life, Chris didn’t know. But he was marching on, giving everything, trying every bit hard. That was a revelation and that made his story all the more inspiring.



While I’m at it, I thought I’ll list down some of the movies I have watched a few times and don’t mind watching again. Have you seen any of these? What’s your list , please share it here if you don’t mind and help me watch great movies :-), any kannada movies (I think Chinnari Mutta was something similar, but I watched it long back and don’t remember much of it now)?

(List not in any particular order and its just what comes to my mind now!)

The Bridge on the River Kwai
To Kill a Mocking Bird
Searching for Bobby Fischer
October Sky
The Great Debaters
Ghosts of Mississippi
Pursuit of Happyness

The Scent of a Woman also comes to my mind but mostly because of Al Pacino’s speech at the end and his tango with the beautiful Gabrielle Anwar :).