The story that turned into wind…

There was a kid who loved to listen to a story every night before going to bed. One night he was so distracted that he was doing everything very slowly. His dad was already waiting for him in the bedroom with a story, but the kid was still away brushing his teeth, very slowly!

Finally the kid was done with his chores and he stepped into the bedroom. As he came in, he heard a sound ‘whoosh…’ He didn’t care as he hopped on the bed and asked his Dad to tell him a story.

‘Oh didn’t you hear that sound?’

‘Which sound? The whoosh sound?’

‘Yes, that sound. That was the sound of the story! It turned into wind and went out the window!’


‘Yes, it was such a wonderful story, it had nice cars, roads, beautiful gardens filled with ponds and ducks. It even had prince and princess with their galloping horses’

‘They all just turned into wind and went out the window? whoosh.. ?’


‘Yes, I was holding them all for you. They waited for you and grew impatient. They said they will go.’

and they went?

‘I didn’t let them go easily. I asked them to wait. I said you are almost here. initially they listened to me. But when you didn’t come for long time they started to go’

like whoosh.. ?

Yes, those beautiful cars and the roads, slipped through my fingers and went whoosh.. The horses and the ducks, the gardens, the prince and the princess.. all of them, just turned into wind and ‘whoosh’ they went out the window..

just when I came into the bed room?

Yes 😦 May be if you came little bit early they would be still here.. May be tomorrow they will all come back.. sleep now. Good night!

and he slept without story?

Yes! Good night. Come to bed on time tomorrow OK?

OK. Tell me the story tomorrow night. Good night.

(Story within a story I came up with for my son. Didn’t how and why it came like this to my mind, but by the time I finished the story, I remembered the line ‘gALi hELida kate..’ I forget if that’s a line from Jogi’s story or one of Jogi’s story itself.

Next night I had to make up a new story that came through the window as wind to the Dad, who heard it and told it :-))


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