IPL finals and the induced gyan!

Yesterday I ended up watching the IPL 2013 final’s final 5 overs. CSK was eight down with Dhoni and Ashwin at the crease when I started watching. Dhoni being the best finisher in the game I thought this would be the ideal platform for him to prove his captain cool tag one more time. I did wonder why he chose to come 7th down though. The last time I watched cricket for this long was when Dhoni played the captains knock in the T-20 world cup, I forget how many years back it was.. may be it’s time for another T-20 world cup already 🙂

Eventually Ashwin got out and overs were over as well. Dhoni was cool and cleared the boundary line a few times to bring down the difference and dent the bowling figures a bit.. other than that it was Mumbai Indians time to celebrate their first ever IPL victory and Tendulkar to declare that the 6 year wait for finally over and add as a matter of fact, that this was his last IPL.

All this has happened on Sunday and probably everyone else has moved on to other things by now.. why the heck am I still writing about all the known things again, this late that too 🙂

Well, just using this post to record couple of observations,

1. The MI had effectively won the match by the time last over had started. They all knew it. Glee was on their faces and spring in their steps. But they still had to go through the motions. Bowl those remaining balls and only then can they let out the victory cry and start the real celebrations. Until then, enjoy the feeling, but keep the cool and actually finish the game! Pollard even managed to bowl a wide on the last ball 🙂

Watching this, for some strange reason, reminded me what I had read about ‘jeevanmuktas.’ Those are the great souls who have done all that is needed to achieve mukti or the salvation. They are guaranteed of it, but they have to wait. They have to spend time and experience the ‘praarabdha karma’ before they attain actually get the mukti. Now my understanding of ‘jeevanmukta’ or the term ‘jeevanmukta’ may not be the right term to describe the great souls who have reached that stage, but I do remember reading something similar. I think Sri Madhwacharya even says that the ‘ananda’ experienced by these souls will be enhanced in mukti by these deeds they do even after they are ensured of their salvation. Felt good to have had this thought occur to me while watching the IPL game. Where is this game of IPL and where is the salvation? Where is the mango tree and where is the koel (ಎತ್ತಣ ಮಾಮರ ಎತ್ತಣ ಕೋಗಿಲೆ)? But then, didn’t Sri Madhwacharya say that this jagat is satya and the experiences in this jagat are satya? Nothing goes waste!

2. When the IPL trophy was handed over to the MI team, there were a few waiting to hold up the trophy and pose for the photograph with the team. Sachin Tendulkar wasn’t one of them. He was just standing to the side, almost out of the frame. Just in time, Bhajji gestures to him and actually pulls a hesitant Tendulkar towards the trophy and makes sure he lifts the trophy. I thought that was sweet of Bhajji and equally sweet of Tendulkar to try and be a bystander and let the captain and other youngsters shine in the limelight.


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