Percentage; in Perspective

Last Thursday there were jobs cuts at work. They said a low single digit in percentage and they chose, don’t know how they chose. Axe did fall close, within our group; it could be me I thought the pervious night, it was some one I worked with, instead. For a large company with employee strength in tens of thousands, a small percentage would yield a several hundred. Why did they do it now, when things seemed to be improving? Well that’s any one’s guess, by the way are the things really improving?

“How did you guys choose? You said it was not performance based, it must have been tough for you guys too.” I was asking my boss. His answers were on predictable lines, something that I could see myself. Something else he said that stuck a chord, “There are worse things that can happen in life than loosing a job”. That is absolutely true.

An elderly person, a close relative and very nice lady she is. Couple of months back I heard she’s ill. Affected with something rare, to name it, its called AML. When every thing seemed to be going very well, when the world seemed to be a happy place with loving family and all responsibilities taken care off, she’s to fight this thing. She’s responding well to the treatment I’m told. The disease itself is rare right? Yeh, until it happens to you or some one you know it all seems so rare and distant.

A colleague, a friend, a very good couple. Hardworking no nonsense person who is also a teetotaler and a non smoker is now preparing to battle some rare type of mouth cancer. “We researched about it a lot, every where it says the thing is very rare, smoking increases risk but he doesn’t smoke. Apparently stress increases it a bit as well, but he always enjoyed working. Risk goes down again for vegetarians which we are mostly” his wife was saying. My mind was racing again at the irony of percentages.

Worse things can happen in life when compared to loss of job. I understand that very well and agree to that. I’m not comparing these three incidents here. Just that it seems to me that a small fraction is never small, to those affected isn’t it the whole? Just puts the entire life in perspective and confirms that the life is so unpredictable. Still we live on, as the famous answer of Dharmaraja to Yaksha. I guess we must, as that’s the way humans have survived, with hope, faith and lot of courage in the face of adversity.

A wise person I know said recently, “People usually desire miracles in order to be normal”. I wish each of them the best of luck in their fight. Let the modern medicine and the destiny shower miracles and nurture them back to being normal, fit.

Good luck to my colleagues affected by the ‘limited restructuring’ as well. They are good and I’m sure they will find some thing good soon.


2 thoughts on “Percentage; in Perspective

  1. We had been through this type of “rare and low percentage” avenue. Its not easy to go on with that tag. Even in this country where they had “heard” about it and there is an institution researching in that field, we weren’t lucky enough for a miracle. If we were in India, where none had even heard of that demon, don’t know what would have happened. So, looking back, at least coming here itself was a miracle, in its own stand.

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